If you thought baking delicious bread was reserved for professional bakers, think again. The Panasonic SD-YR2550 bread maker brings the bakery to your kitchen and opens the doors to a world of tasty possibilities. Whether you are a seasoned baker or just fancy some artisanal treats, this bread maker makes it possible.

Quality you can Taste

With 35 years of experience and excellence behind it, the SD-YR2550 is designed with taste in mind. Two temperature sensors work together to ensure perfect baking results, regardless of conditions. Whether it rains or shines, your bread always comes out tasty.



Traditional Kneading Technique

Thanks to innovative Panasonic technology, the SD-YR2550 mimics the kneading techniques of an artisan baker. The unique kneading blade and strategically placed ribs in the bread pan ensure the tastiest bread with the perfect texture.



Creativity with Manual Settings

For those who want to let their culinary creativity shine, the manual settings offer the opportunity to create sweet or savory breads and cakes. Experiment with different craft shapes or adjust the kneading and rising times for your own recipes.



Easy Baking with Bread Mixes

Ease of use is paramount. Throw your favorite bread mix in the machine, add water, and voilà! With the SD-YR2550’s dedicated programs, making fresh bread is as easy as it can be. The tasty results will amaze you and your family.



Four Gluten-Free Options

For those with gluten intolerance, the SD-YR2550 offers four special programs for gluten-free bread, cake, pizza dough and pasta. Enjoy all the flavors without compromising on your dietary needs.




Fully Automatic Convenience

The bread baking process becomes even easier thanks to the yeast and raisin/nut dispensers. These automatically add the ingredients at the right time, giving you consistently tasty bread with minimal effort.



31 Programs for Easy Baking

With no fewer than 31 automatic programs, including whole wheat, sourdough, brioche, cake, jam and pizza dough, the SD-YR2550 offers endless possibilities. The only limit is your imagination.

The Right Bread at the Right Time

Start every day with the smell of freshly baked bread. Set the timer and wake up to a delicious loaf of bread, ready to be enjoyed. Whether you choose medium, large or extra large bread, with different browning options, the SD-YR2550 adapts to your preferences.

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